Blogging for Health Professionals

This blog is about how professionals in the health industry can use blogs to better the lives of the readers through healthy eating tips, diets, and workout pointers and what to stay away from if being healthy is the reader’s goal.

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Blogging is the today’s version of a diary, but instead of being in a notebook hidden under your mattress it is on-line and available for everyone to read. Basically, blogging is a healthy way of writing down your thoughts and feelings and sharing with the world an experience or expertise on a particular subject. Blogging for companies helps create a channel in which it can talk to their customers and potential ones also and it makes the company more transparent, which translates to trustworthy. Being trustworthy in the health industry could be the difference from actually helping the world become a better place or just being another company looking for ways to make more money.

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How Health Professionals Can Use Blogging

  • People actually do read blogs and study in 2012 showed that 1 in 10 Americans actually believed online health blogs saved their lives. So therefore, not only do people read blogs, but they take them serious and view them as source of information and advice.
  • You have to make the blog fun and enjoyable, if not them people will soon not want to read your blog and you will basically be writing to yourself. So have fun with it and do not be afraid of doing something out of the box.

Useful hints:

  • Add videos, pictures and colors.
  • Use language that is used in everyday conversation, so no formal speech.
  • Just like in person, be yourself. People want to read real life experiences and want to feel like they can relate to the writer. So just keep things simple and be yourself.
  • Answer your audience’s questions. People enjoy when their questions are being heard and answered and this will keep them coming back for more.

Website I recommend reading for more information on why and how companies should blog:

Example of a Health Company using Blogging

21 Examples of business blogs that rock

Instead of giving you just one example of a great blogging , how about I give you 21. I think that will give you , my readers, enough evidence and reference material so you can start blogging for yourself and building your own personal brand as well as blogging for your company. I would just make sure it is okay for you to blog for your company because they might already have someone doing it or it might be against their policies.

Each of the examples have some common factors: staying active, not posting random things but instead posting things that readers want to read and being themselves and not copying and pasting from other websites. No one wants to read word for word from another website so make sure you put everything into your own words. Also, each of the examples have different styles, so be creative and think out of the box on how you want your blog to look. Remember you want people to come back and read more of your posts.


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